JOBST® FarrowWrap Lite 左臂壓力衣
JOBST® FarrowWrap Lite 左臂壓力衣
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JOBST® FarrowWrap Lite LEFT Armpiece, Beige

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The easy choice to support patient self-care and empowerment

The JOBST® FarrowWrap is an easy-to-adjust short-stretch compression wrap system designed for treating patients with lymphatic and venous conditions.

Apply and adjust confidently

Patients can self-manage and adjust the wrap compression system, promoting independence and empowering patients to be more involved with their care.

  • Easy Donning

Easy use of the simple VELCRO® system saves therapist’s and patient’s time and supports easy donning and doffing for maximal patient independence.

  • Short Stretch Technology

The elastic short-stretch fabrics provide graduated compression. Designed for the treatment of SWELLING and ULCERATION of the limb, including chronic oedema and chronic venous insufficiency. It is a practical alternative to bandaging.

  • Adjustable

The product is adjustable, so fluctuating edema levels can be controlled more easily by the patients themselves – empowering them to control their own care.

A double laminated fabric suitable for mild to moderate compression needs, making it especially suitable for palliative and paediatric patients.

The fabric is both durable and breathable. It is an anatomically contoured effective solution to control upper extremity oedema. It is easy to apply and remove with one hand and designed for mild to moderate oedema control. Light and comfortable with just one layer but with a robust short-stretch performance.

  • Compression: 20-30 mmHg
  • Mild to moderate chronic oedema/lymphoedema


  • Conforms to limb shape
  • Good choice for patients who have neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease (PVD)
  • Recommend for paediatric patients
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and as such palliative care patients
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat