Strappal® 黏性繃帶 2.5cm X 10m
Strappal® 黏性繃帶
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Strappal® 黏性繃帶

Strappal® Tape 2.5cm X 10m (7148900)

BSN Medical
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Strappal® is a high-quality strapping tape that offers extra strong and efficient stabilisation of joint structures.

2.5cm x 10m, constructed from viscose fabric coated with a zinc oxide latex-free adhesive, the hypoallergenic adhesive is well tolerated by the skin. Strappal® is hand tearable with serrated edges for quick and easy application. The rigid fabric provides strong support.

Main uses

  • for functional bandaging of injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints
  • for protecting already damaged joints against injury with limitation of movement
  • for fixation of tubes, catheters and wound dressings