【Skin care with frequent handwashing】The mousse texture Cutimed® ACUTE is your choice

During the pandemic, frequent handwashing is especially important to help prevent the virus from spreading. However, excessive handwashing and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser can dry your skin.

Cutimed® ACUTE Cream Mousse

It causes skin peeling and itching. During season change, it becomes redness and cracking!!!

Remember to moisturize your hands after handwashing. Once the skin loses its protective barrier, there is a risk of bacterial infection. Cutimed® ACUTE Cream Mousse, a moisturizing foam mousse that is ideal for using all year round.

Made in Germany, Cutimed® ACUTE contains urea in mild nature that is not greasy, leaving no residue, and not clogging pores. Urea is the body's own moisturizing agent, together with its mousse texture, it is rapidly absorbed, providing a strong moisturizing power~

Cutimed® ACUTE潤膚泡沫慕絲

Urea-based skin care products can be used on very dry, stressed or aged rough skin, helping the skin absorb moisture. Dermatologist tested, Cutimed® ACUTE targets to different levels of dry and sensitive skin.

A little goes a very long way. Mousse texture helps to absorb quickly and effectively:

  • rebalances skin moisture levels
  • reestablishes epidermal barrier function, reducing itching
  • Stabilize the skin's natural barrier function
  • Smoothen and soften skin

Keeping your skin comfortable, also for the people who

  • need to wear pressure garment for a long time,
  • fragile skin of diabetic, or
  • healthcare professionals,

providing multifunctional skin care support.

Cutimed® ACUTE Cream Mousse

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  • 著住壓力衣都用到, 唔油膩, 好快吸收, 好好用.


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