Abbott Panbio™ HIV Self Test Device

Abbott Panbio™ HIV Self Test Device

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Abbott Panbio™ HIV SELF TEST is a third generation, single-use, in vitro, visually read rapid immunoassay that uses a blood sample from a finger puncture for the qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in blood by untrained lay users.

This product launch is an important step forward in providing the HIV risk population an opportunity for private and stigma free HIV testing with a trusted, accurate, rapid, and easy to use HIV self test.

TIME TO RESULT: 15–20 Minutes


3 Instructions for use

1 Test device

1 Lancet

1 Buffer

1 Specimen dropper

2 Alcohol pads

1 Plaster

1 Disposal bag

How to use:

Panbio HIV Self Test Procedure Video (